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State Youth Funds Request

The Full Story

This year, the state association has received scholarship funds back from USBC that were not utilized by youth bowlers in the state of North Carolina prior to them aging out and becoming an adult. Because of this, the state has funds that need to be used prior to February 14th, 2024, otherwise, they will disappear forever. So far, the state has allocated additional money to aid the overall prize fund to the state's Youth Tournament, however, we want this money to go to local associations.

Therefore, the state has created a committee to disperse funds to local associations for you to use. These funds do have a stipulation that they MUST be used for YOUTH SCHOLARSHIPS. These funds can not be used for jerseys, parties, trophies, league fees, bowling balls, raffles, etc. The funds MUST be used for youth scholarships ONLY.  

With this in mind, as an association, you do have options with what you can do in terms of scholarships. You can use the money to aid the prize fund of a small association youth tournament, you could give flat scholarships to all of your bowlers, or any other small, youth-oriented idea for your association. The only stipulation is, once the funds are given to your association, the scholarships MUST be dispersed by February 14th, 2024. If not, then your association will lose access to these funds. No exceptions.

Our funds as a state are not unlimited and will be served on a first-come, first-served basis. Please, talk to your local youth committees and your association to come up with a plan of action to claim these funds as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing about your ideas!

State SMART Funds Request Form

Please fill out all fields in the form below. Note that a submit of funds request does not guarantee that you or your association will receive the funds requested.

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Thank you for submitting! The state board committee will reach out to you if your request is approved!

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