Association Manager's Message:

NC State USBCA Association Manager’s Opening Season 2019-2020 Message


We have started our 2019-2020 bowling season and we are looking for a season of high scores and great

bowling.  Association Officers please let me know if there has been a change of President or Association

Manager in your local associations as my first mailing will go out early October.  Please share all the

information with your local association members, so they are aware of our events we provide to our

members.  I am also asking all local association managers to give me a count of your membership at least

every quarter so we can keep track of our memberships in NC.  A simple email to me will work. Let me

know if I can answer any of your questions.  Our NC State association email address is now: and I will respond to your correspondence thru that email address now.

Please visit our website and review our upcoming tournaments and other events.  Please help us spread

the word about our upcoming tournaments.  If you need immediate assistance or have a question, please

contact me.  The association mailing will have a form for interested associations and bowling centers to fill out and return to me, so the state board knows your association or centers in your area would like to host an event.

We are trying new things this year, so know we are trying to make things better.  The Facebook page will no longer be used in connection with our state website. You can contact our email account for assistance.  We are bringing back the Masters Tournament to run in conjunction with our Queen’s Tournament Oct. 6 at Pla Mor Lanes in Statesville.  Men state bowlers we need your support since some of you wanted us to bring this back.  The Women’s Championship Tournament will be help in October for the 2019/20 season and hopefully women will support this event.  We know it looks like having 2 tournaments in one year, but effective Aug. 1 that is another bowling season.  We ask for your support and the women bowlers will have 3 weekends to choose just like our Men’s “Pop MeNeeley” Tournament which be right after the Women’s Tournament in November. Those tournaments will both be held at Country Club Lanes, West in Burlington.  Entry forms have already been sent out for these events.  Entry forms should be on our website this weekend.  More tournament information will be listed on our website:  Our Open tournament will be in the month of May 2020 and we have moved our Annual Meeting to June 13-14, 2020.  Thanks to Robby and his management team and DOP for hosting this event at Village Lanes in Durham.  This will give our Open tournament participants 5 weekends to compete in this event no weekends that month are avoided.  Tournament squads have been changed from 8:30 am to 9:00 am and hopefully we will have more bowlers interested in bowling those times.  We have made all these changes with you; our bowlers in mind.  If this doesn’t work, our board members we review other options, so please support us as we try to make scheduling better for our bowlers.

Tournament Managers are:   

NC Youth All Stars – Chad Estes - Planet Fun Shallotte – Sept 2019

Queens/Master – Angel Metsch- Pla Mor Lanes Statesville – Oct 2019    

Women’s Championship – Pris Hamilton – Country Club Lanes West Burlington – Oct/Nov 2019

Men’s Tournament – Yvette Davis – Country Club Lanes West Burlington – Nov 2019   

Senior’s O & W Tournaments. – Angel Metsch & Ben Estes – Pla Mor Lanes Statesville– Feb 2020

Pepsi Tryouts – Review Calendar for dates – Chad Estes & Preston Pangle

Youth Championship – Pam Brown- The New Victory Lanes Mooresville

Open Championship – Bonnie Smith – Village Lanes Durham


I will send an update in December 2019.  Have a great bowling season and see you on the lanes soon!           

                                                          Yvette Davis, Association Manager     

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