NCS USBCA High Series Scratch and Bowler of the Year (BOY) Forms


The NCS USBCA is pleased to announce that for the second year, North Carolina bowlers will have the opportunity for recognition for superior performance.  For the 2020-2021 season the NCS USBCA will again offer bowlers the opportunity of apply for High Series Scratch and Bowler of the Year (BOY) awards.

Just like last year, the High Series Scratch awards are segregated into both Male and Female categories, and are further segregated based on the bowlers’ age at the time of bowling the series.  The BOY forms are available for both Male and Female applicants.

Please pay careful attention to the award criteria included on each form.  BOY forms require Letters of Recognition, for example.  Each score submitted for consideration by the NCS USBCA must be verified by either the Local Association Manager or a Tournament Manager prior to submission.  Incomplete forms or scores that cannot be verified are ineligible for further consideration by the NCS USBCA.

If you have bowled a score that you feel should be considered for recognition or if you have a pattern of sustained excellence for the 2020-2021 bowling season, the NCS USBCA highly encourages you to submit the paperwork for consideration.  Bowling forms can be found on the www.ncbowls.com website.

Thank you for considering applying for recognition.  Questions may be directed to Alan Trojan, the NCS USBCA Awards Committee Chairman, at alantrojan7@gmail.com.

Good luck and good bowling!

Calendar of Events

We would like to recognize Nancy  President of BPAA and Vice President and General Manager of B & B Lanes in Fayetteville and Melissa McDaniel IBC Youth Committee Chair and Manager of Buffaloe Lanes in Raleigh.

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