Open/Women's Championship Tournament & Upcoming Tournaments!


Thanks for your patience as the final prize fund was completed.  Thanks to those of you who had to provide additional information to complete the prize fund.  In all efforts the prize fund was paid out before its due date of being 30 days after the last squad which was July 14.  Thanks to those who had questions as that makes me know someone is reviewing our information.  Lastly, thanks to those who understand the tasks needed to complete a final payout.  Thanks for allowing me to be your tournament manager and thanks to Tanje Smith Perry for being the Assistant Tournament Manager.

We are bringing back the Master's Tournament as some Men have requested it.  That tournament will run with the Queen's Tournament on Oct. 13 at Pla Mor Lanes in Statesville.  The Tournament Manager will be Angel Metsch.  We look forward to seeing you there.

The winners of these two tournaments will represent us at the National Queen's and Master's Events next year.  Good luck bowlers!


The Women's 2020 tournament will be held October 26, 2019 thru November 10, 2019 at Country Club Lanes West in Burlington, NC.  Entries will be sent out and on the website by August 17, 2019.  Your Tournament Manager will be Pris Hamilton and she will do a great job assisting you.  We look forward to seeing you at the next Women's Tournament later this year in October.


The 2019 Men's Tournament will be at Country Club Lanes West in Burlington and we look forward to your continued support in this tournament.  I will be the tournament manager again this year and I look forward to serving you again.  Entry forms will be mailed out and on our website by August 24, 2019.


The 2020 Seniors Tournament will be held in February at Pla Mor Lanes in Statesville.  We hope you will come and participate in this event again.  Thanks to those who went to Cincinnati, OH to represent NC earlier this month.  We hope you had high scores and a great bowling experience.  The Tournament Managers will be Angel Metsch and Ben Estes.


The Youth Tournament will be held at the New Victory Lanes starting March 14 thru March 29, 2020. We ask for your continued help supporting our youth bowlers.  Congratulations to Caroline Thesier for winning the 2019 USBC Junior Gold Tournament.  We are so proud of her accomplishments and representing NC with her great bowling skills.  We are also proud of all  our NC bowlers who participated in this event as we had some high rollers in the tournament.  The tournament manager will be Pam Brown again and thanks for a job well done Pam!


The 2020 Open Tournament will be held at Village Lanes in Durham and we forward to having this event there and seeing you again supporting this event.  The Tournament Manager will be Bonnie Smith.  Welcome back Bonnie!


If you have any questions regarding our tournaments, please contact the perspective tournament manager.  All checks were put in the mail for the Open and Women Tournaments  except the ones still requiring needed information before those checks can go out, so please reach back to me so I can send your team checks out and prevent any further delay.


Many Thanks and have a great bowling season.

                                    Yvette Davis

                                    NC State USBCA - Association Manager

Calendar of Events

We would like to recognize Nancy  President of BPAA and Vice President and General Manager of B & B Lanes in Fayetteville and Melissa McDaniel IBC Youth Committee Chair and Manager of Buffaloe Lanes in Raleigh.


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